In line with the section on my travel blog "Essays of Travel Experiences and Reflections," I decided to resurrect some various stray thoughts of a more literary, or at least non-traveling, nature. My computer is littered with files containing thoughts and mini essays and unfinished essays that will never see the light of day, probably. Most of them, in all honesty, deserve that fate. But there are some I think might be fun to share with others. These are not finished pieces, so please don't confuse them with my published essays.

First, I thought I would resurrect a couple of my favorite posts from when I maintained a regular blog on this website called "The Writing Life." It was a strange event of synchronicity that inspired me to resurrect the post, "What To Do About Thelma," and subsequently gave me the idea to make this section for Stray Thoughts.

What To Do About Thelma -- a dilemma over what to do with a journal of a stranger's life

Know Me, Know My Travels -- importance of making a completely individual mark on the world

Ways of Life -- empathizing with a woman who shovels sand from her house every day in the desert, through the tedium of depression

Fifteen-Year Old Humor -- I can't imagine being any other way than I am now with my curious sense of humor and silliness. But I wasn't always this way .....